অন্যান্য ইসলামিক বিষয়সমূহ

* মুসলিম শিশুদের ইসলামিক নাম সমুহ

* Recommended Islamic Sites (Recommended by Dr. Abu Amina Belal Philips)

* Anti Islamic Sites/ইসলমিক নামধারী অনইসলামিক সাইট সমুহ

* Prophet (Sw’s) Prayer
* Arabic to English Dictionary
* সালাতের সময়



  1. very very very very very very good web site I like this web site

  2. I love this website more than food….
    Zazakallah ….

  3. Very nice and very usefull website. Thank you so much for th web site. May Allah bless you. Can you please upload more doa that we need in our daily life. Like enter or out of Masjid, when rain, when eat and finish eat etc, where are lots of them.

  4. its just imaginatic. jajak allah khair

  5. Salam Alikum,
    Brothers I must admit this is a very useful website.Specially the Bengali translations and resources u guys uploaded in here can be very useful to our parents for understanding proper Islam.

    May Allah SWT reward us all and make our intention only to seek his forgiveness and guidence.Ameen

  6. first of all assalamualaikum to admin who created this wonderful website.mashaallah i m very pleased to see all islamic related things.

  7. amra onek kisu pelam. allah apnake jannat dan korun.

  8. Assalamualaikum,
    I want to buy or collect the full lecture/waj about the ‘Tablig Jamat’ of Shaiok Motiur Rahman Madani. How can I get it. Please let me know. and also I want get full lecture/waj about the ‘Procholito Bidat’.

  9. Alhamdulillah zajha kumullah

  10. nice web onekdin pore pelam jajakallah

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