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  1. Assalamu_alykum

    Ashole Prothemi Allah K Donnobad Then Apnader/Apna k Donnobad Janchi J Allah Apnader Dara Amon Ekti Binno Islamic Web Baniachen & apnara amon ektee Sheeh Web site Kaj Korsen .

    Aye web site teee onek manush kei Wrong & Right bujte o help korbe.

    Tai Ami & Amra Assha Korbo Inshallah Apnader Aye Big Work Continue Cholbe & Apnara Aro New New Onek Kichu Add. korben aye web site Jemon all Sheeh Hadit books & Mazabi Kitab gulu,Islamic Tv Er Qus & Ans Video etc.

    Jeno Amra oye Shob Jinish gula thake nana Info. pete pari & right wrong Niddaron Korte Pari.

    However, Ek kothay Web site teee khub eeeeee Shundor & Vhaloo….

    Thanx For Related all

  2. really very good

  3. Dear Admin

    May Allah bless you all

  4. Assalamu_alykum

    I like to know about Bayet …
    1. Is Bayet is mandatory in Islam?
    2. If so then how?
    3. Who is the person for giving Bayet and how we found him?
    4. Actually I want to know the role of Pir and Ole-Aulia in the present silsila…
    5. Pls provide authentic reference with explanation…
    6. If u have any hadith regarding bayet in weak hadith pls include it and also narrate why it is weak and why we not follow and who told u not follow and why?

    Thanks & best regards


    • your answer has been given to this lectures.

      358 ISLAMI & BIDATI Bayat.mp3 52Mb
      [audio src="http://www.quraneralo.com/lectures/358%20ISLAMI%20&%20BIDATI%20BAYAT.mp3" /]

      Please download & listen this lecture carefully and with a mind to take hidayat. Jajhakumullah Khairan.

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